Want to help improve the wiki? Don't know how or where to get started?

This page has a list of projects and tasks you can work on.

You can help by completing or contributing to any project or task. You don't need a wiki account to make edits, though making one doesn't cost anything and is easy to do.

How to get startedEdit

Frequently asked questions Edit

Current projects and things to doEdit

Project name What needs doing Why it needs doing
Link Cleanup Cleaning up all dead links Because they will direct to ad websites and the game is community driven now
Revival Update official resources to community ones Game is now community driven
Navigation Create a new navigation with the most important content because there isnt one

After Revival Cleanup Edit

Pages looked into or fixed after the revival

  • Community groups
  • Rising Thunder
  • Home
  • Soundtrack
  • Media
  • Patch Notes
  • Quotes
  • Tournaments