This page is to keep a running tally of patch notes provided by Radiant Entertainment for the game Rising Thunder. This provides a neat, central location to see a backlog of previous patch notes and track the progress of the game's growth, apart from having to go to Radiant Entertainment's main website to see old and current notes. Each set of notes listed will have a short summary of the "biggest" bullet points to take away from that patch. For specific character-related changes, see each character's respective wiki page.

Alpha Notes Edit

Build Date Summary of changes and additions
Build 1292 August 19, 2015 Edge gains Tranquil Thunder, Vlad gains Revolutionary Rocket
Build 1312 August 25, 2015 Chel gains Soaring Wind, Chel nerfs, Talos gains Titan Wreck
Build 1330 September 1, 2015 Changes to super armor, Dauntless gains Piston Tremor
Build 1341 September 8, 2015 Custom matches, changes to Kinetic Advance, Edge gains Reckless Lightning, desert level makeover
Build 1372 September 15, 2015 Crow gains Riposte
Build 1391 September 23, 2015 Improved training mode, Chel gains Solar Flare, Crow gains new command normal, Dauntless buffs, Talos nerf

Community Edition Release Notes Edit