Information about the controllers supported by Rising Thunder, and resources you can use to get your controller of choice working with the game.

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How to play Rising Thunder with any controller

A small tutorial for playing Rising Thunder using any controller on Windows.


Google Doc

Getting your 6-button stick to work with Rising Thunder How to setup a 6 button stick to work with Rising Thunder using JoyToKey Image
Input tips Tips for reducing input lag from a member of the Rising Development team. August 7 2015 Casmir Link
How to test if your keyboard is suitable for playing Rising Thunder Keyboards that aren't suitable don't register multiple, simultaneous keypresses. This resource helps you find out if your keyboard is suitable. Microsoft
Guide to buying a mechanical keyboard Information about mechanical keyboards, which, unlike conventional keyboards, do register multiple simultaneous keypresses. 11 August 2015 TRASH Link

Software Edit

Name Description Author Link
JoyToKey Allows you to emulate keyboard controllers using controllers such as fightsticks. JTKSOFT

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  • According to the official Rising Thunder Twitter profile, all of the Rising Thunder developers use a keyboard to play the game and refuse to use anything else. [1]

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  1. 6 August 2015 "took dev team ~3hrs to be comfortable on kb, all starting from stick/pad. Now all refuse anything EXCEPT kb, even weird-ass Seth!"