Community achievement: the wiki featured on the Rising Thunder Reddit subreddit

We're featured on Reddit!

The Rising Thunder reddit subreddit recently linked to the wiki on the main sidebar, and even more recently, linked to the Guides , characters category , and combo videos pages. 

That's a great achievement that will benefit the Rising Thunder community as well as the wiki.

It's also a testament to the great work we've been doing to flesh out the wiki and make it a high quality, definitive resource on Rising Thunder.  Keep up the great work, guys. 

Wiki stats for the last seven days

In the last seven days, there were:

  • 7,358 visits
  • 234 edits

That's up from about 6,200 visits over seven days. So, there are definitely people visiting, and apparently, the amount of people is growing teach week.

Rising Thunder wiki on Twitter

You can now get updates about the wiki on Twitter: @RisingThunderW