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• 8/14/2015

To the guys who have updated the Talos page with Biography, Quotes, Specials, Strategy, Match-ups and etc etc.

You guys have done a fantastic job! Seriously, it's a lot of work you guys have put into the page.

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• 8/14/2015
Happy to oblige :) Though I think I was inaccurate about some things. Like I was vague about what can cancel into what, and suggested that Beta can be used to react to jumps, which actually isn't easy.
I'll have to go through and clean it up.
Baltazaro's quote stuff is really cool. I was wondering what he said, heh.
Having been around multiple fighting game communities over the years, it always seems like the Grapplers that get an absurd amount of love, care, and detail. Like, its definitely true for Potemkin and Tager in their respective games, as well as several street fighter grapplers. There's just something about the archetype that attracts really details-oriented people who then go out of their way to do hyper-detailed writeups. Probably becaue 90% of the time you need all that knowledge to simply be on an even footing with other characters at a high level. We can't just chuck projectiles and DP on wakeup, heh.
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